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If you phone for an urgent appointment during practice hours the nurse (or receptionist, if no nurse available) will ask you questions to assess the urgency of your health problem and make all attempts to fit you in with a GP as quickly as is available. However, it is always advisable to attend the emergency department of your nearest hospital if you are experiencing serious symptoms. Outside of Practice opening hours we suggest to call one of the following:

Locum Service WADAMS 9321 9133 (after hours)
SJOG Murdoch Emergency Dept 9366 1111
Fiona Stanley Hospital Emergency Dept 6152 2222
Health Direct 1800 022 222


If you are unable to attend your appointment, please let us know as early as possible. This allows us to offer the appointment to another patient who needs it.

Request for Scripts & Referrals

Please make an appointment for a repeat prescription. The doctors have a legal obligation to review your medical condition prior to writing a prescription. Most prescriptions provide sufficient medication to last until your condition needs to be reviewed by your doctor. If you request a copy of lost prescriptions or you have been to see your GP within the last couple of weeks and forgot to get a repeat script please call the Practice and a request will be sent to your GP who will determine if this is appropriate. Please make an appointment with your doctor to get a referral. This allows the doctor to ensure the specialist gets your most up-to-date medical information and is also our legal obligation under Medicare rules.

Request for Medical Certificates & Referrals

Medical Certificates – please make an appointment to see your GP as medical certificates cannot be back-dated. Please make an appointment for medical certificates or referrals. They cannot be backdated or provided without a consultation.

Reminder Service

Because our practice is committed to preventative care, we may send you an occasional reminder regarding health services appropriate to your care. If your contact details change kindly inform one of our receptionist.

Request for Scripts

Please make an appointment for repeat scripts if these are needed.

Electronic Communication

Communication via electronic means (such as email) does carry privacy risks and other associated risks in that the information could be intercepted or read by someone other than the intended recipient. Written consent will need to be obtained from the patient prior to any personal or sensitive information being transmitted via email.

Vaccination Schedule & Information

Please find a link to the WA Department of Health vaccination schedule here.

Please find a link to the WA Department of Health vaccination safety information here.


Your feedback is appreciated for the continued improvement of our practice.  You are welcome to provide any feedback by completing the Feedback Form available at the reception desk.

If you wish to make a complaint about any aspect of our services, please speak to your doctor directly or our practice manager.  If this fails to resolve the issue, you can contact Health and Disability Services Complaints (08) 65517600.


Your medical record is a confidential document. It is the policy of the practice to maintain the security of personal health information at all times and to ensure that this information is only available to authorized members of staff. Our Privacy Policy is located on the back of our patient registration form, however, a copy of our privacy policy is available upon a request from reception.

Culturally appropriate care

Our practice provides culturally appropriate care to patients. We can arrange a translator or an interpreter for the hearing impaired.

Waiting Times

Whilst every effort is made by our doctors to run appointments to time, the unpredictable nature of General Practice will occasionally result in increased waiting times. We appreciate your patience and understanding in this regard..


Your Doctor will inform you as to how you will be notified of the results of any tests that are ordered for you at the time of your consultation. Generally, however, you will NOT be notified if your results are normal. Should your GP wish to follow-up with you regarding abnormal results you will be contacted by a Nurse or Receptionist to make an appointment however if your results are normal and you wish to discuss them further you must make an appointment with your GP.


We will send you reminders by communication methods you consent to, starting with your first preference, including text messages, phone calls and Australia Post, unless you have elected not to be contacted.